APAC Launches Strategic Planning for 2015-2018

St. Paul, MN—In August, the APAC board of directors approved launching a strategic planning and implementation process covering 2015 to 2018. The process will be led by consultant Stacy Becker, executive director Dave Anderson, and board president Henry Miller.

The goal is to develop a practical plan for APAC that answers three key questions:

What is APAC’s highest value-added and what activities should APAC pursue to ensure greatest impact?
What are the options for building sustainable revenue sources; which are likely to be the most successful for APAC; and what is needed to cultivate these?
What are the key leadership skills and attributes needed to support APAC’s transition into the future?

This process is being supported with funding from Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, and the St. Paul Foundation’s Management Improvement Fund.