Before You Sign: A Consumer's Guide to Mobile Home Parks in the Twin Cities

St. Paul, MN—APAC has released a first-of-its-kind “Before You Sign: A Consumer’s Guide to Mobile Home Parks in the Twin Cities.” The new annual guide provides information consumers need before signing a purchase or rental agreement, including the rules of mobile home living and important details about each park’s city and county. The heart of the guide though is detailed park-by-park information, such as size of communities, vacancy rate, utilities, rents, and amenities.

“There comes a point, for some people, when renting seems pointless and wasteful,” said Timothy Dubis, APAC researcher. “You are sinking money into a place that will never be yours. If you have considered the option of buying a manufactured home, this guide is for you.”

"Before You Sign” is a free, ad-supported publication. Copies can be downloaded from APAC’s web site. Printed copies will also be sent for the cost of shipping, or free to residents when they join or renew their memberships. The information in the guide makes three fundamental points about mobile home living:

Mobile Homes Are Affordable
The combined cost of buying a manufactured home and renting a lot can be less than renting an apartment. Living in a park can be a very good financial option. But, not all parks are the same and not every park will be right for every consumer.

Find the Right Park for You
A manufactured home, despite the common name “mobile home,” can be costly to move and, as a result, only 19% are ever moved from their initial placement. When home owners decide to move, they have the legal right to sell their home in place in the park, but the process can take a while.

Do Your Homework
Before a consumer buys a home and signs a lease in park, they need to make sure it is the right one for them. Is it in the right community? Does it offer the access they need to jobs, schools, transportation, and shopping? Does it provide services and amenities they require? Are the “park rules” acceptable to them?

Hopefully, this guide will help consumers decide if moving into a park is the right choice for them. This guide will be updated annually and APAC welcomes suggestion on how it can be improved.