Rush Line Transit Corridor: Connects Park Residents from Maplewood to Pine City

St. Paul, MN—The Rush Line Corridor is a transitway extending 80 miles from Hinckley to downtown St. Paul. Important decisions are still being made about the precise route for the Rush Line Corridor and what transit alternatives to use, such as light rail transit and bus rapid transit. APAC is working with park residents all along the proposed Rush Line, including 27 parks with 2,779 households, and approximately 7,500 residents.

APAC has received funding from the Corridor of Opportunities’ Civic Engagement Team, the F.R. Bigelow Foundation, and St. Paul Foundation to ensure that residents are aware of and involved in the process of planning and construction. In addition to outreach and meetings with park residents, APAC is a member of the Rush Line Public Engagement Advisory Panel and monitors the work of the policy advisory and technical advisory panels.
The corridor links growing urban neighborhoods, suburbs, and rural cities and townships. The total corridor population is forecasted to increase 43% by 2030, or more than 158,000 people. This robust growth provides an increased demand for transportation services, but it can also provides an opportunity for significant economic growth through transit-oriented development projects.

Those planning the route face other challenges. Along the route, there is an accelerating demographic shift towards those who need transit (such as older, lower-income, and zero-car households). Making the situation even more complicated, these demographic groups are already located in areas with the lowest level of transit services, sometimes referred to as “transit deserts.”