Shakopee and St. Anthony Parks Targeted for Redevelopment in Land Use Plans

Shakopee/St. Anthony, MN—Twin Cities’ communities are required by the Metropolitan Land Planning Act (MLPA) to submit comprehensive plans to the Metropolitan Council every 10 years and they must address affordable housing needs.

These plans are not required to consider manufactured housing, and, in fact, most cities’ land use plans simply report its current use. Two cities don’t even report manufactured housing as a distinct category of housing.

While there are city plans that treat manufactured housing very favorably, there are also cities that target manufactured housing for redevelopment; specifically Shakopee and St. Anthony.

Shakopee finds their two parks are not “an appropriate or compatible” land use and plan to evaluate the operation of two other parks in Jackson Township, if it is annexed by the city.

The St. Anthony plan regards their one park, Lowry Grove, as “substandard” housing and an “underutilization of the land.” Significant space is devoted to possible redevelopment plans.

Park redevelopment moves the region in the wrong direction. The annual Out of Reach report ranked Minnesota worst among 12 Midwest states (third year running) for affordable housing.

The Twin Cities needs 166,547 more affordable units by 2020, as well as relief for the 46% of current households considered cost burdened. The fair market rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $836. On the other hand, the average lot rent for a manufactured home is $417.