Twin Cities Metro Region: Trends in Manufactured Housing

St. Paul, MN—The annual Metropolitan Council survey of manufactured home parks identified 87 parks in the seven-county metro region that ranged in size from 16 to 573 lots. There were 15,087 total lots, of which 13,824 were occupied and 1,983 were unoccupied (549 with sited homes).

Because of zoning restrictions, manufactured homes are located exclusively in parks in the metro region. These 87 parks are located in 51 cities and are a major source of housing in several of them, including: Lake Elmo (20%), Blaine (15%), Mounds View (11%), and Arden Hills (9%).

Based on data from 1985 to present, several important observations can be made about the metro region, including the following:

Park Openings – The last new park, Cottage Grove Estates, opened in 1996. The peak number of metro area parks was 92 between 1985 and 1990. Two out of 3 parks are in Anoka, Ramsey, or Dakota counties

Park Closings – There have been 11 closures since 1986. Hennepin has been on a steady decline, from a peak of 15 parks in 1975 to 9 parks today. (Over the same period, Anoka actually added 5 parks.)

Park Expansions – From 1985 and 2011, 15 parks in the metro area expanded by 34% (or 1,209 lots), which is the equivalent of adding 12 new average sized parks.

Vacancy Rates – There is an overall 13% vacancy rate (1,983 lots), which is up from an historic low in 2000 of 2%. Just 5 parks have 41% of these vacancies. There is an overall 4% vacancy rate (549 lots) among unoccupied lots that have sited homes.