Why is APAC Membership Important

By Henry Miller, APAC Board President

Apple Valley, MN—I am currently serving my third term as the APAC Board President, which is entirely park residents. I have been a resident of Apple Valley Estates for 20 years. I got involved with APAC in 1999 when we passed a park closing ordinance with the City of Apple Valley. Along with other residents, I was also part of a class action law suit over water meters that violated our leases.

I encourage you to become a member of APAC and be a part of our legislative process. I encourage residents from outstate parks to become involved and become board members. APAC will take you through the steps of joining the board and you can attend in person or call into monthly board meetings. 

I am proud of the work that APAC has done, not only for the residents of manufactured home parks in Minnesota, but also those we are currently working with in Colorado and North Dakota.   I am looking forward to you becoming a part of APAC.