Ways to Become Involved in Transportation Planning

Transportation is vital to insuring access to opportunities for all manufactured home residents. With continued improvements in the transportation network in the metro area, now is the time to act. We recommend that park residents and stakeholders band together to engage in the Bus Rapid Transit projects that are currently being planned in the region. This webpage can be used as an initial resource to help residents get started with their involvement with this process.

Easy ways to get engaged:

  • Review the plans for a transit project near you (see upcoming projects on Metro Transit’s website, or visit APAC’s list of Transit Corridors Under Development).
  • Attend transit meetings on relevant projects to voice your concerns, ask questions, and provide valuable input.
  • Write letters to your City Council and elected representatives (they assume that one letter from you is representative of many more voices in your community who did not take time to write, so even one letter can go a long way).
  • Call your City Council Member, City Planner, Community Engagement Representative, and elected representatives and advocate in support of new transit projects.
  • Inquire about joining project committee meetings.
  • Sign up for project updates and newsletters.
  • Engage with your neighbors and organize local groups – schedule meetings and get the word out!
  • Start a resident association for added impact.
  • Identify specific elements of the transit plan (route, station area planning, bus connections, etc.) that you find important and engage with the committees who oversee them.
  • Identify a community liaison and teams that organizes resident engagement with the planning process across parks. Activities could include delivering flyers, maintaining contact lists of actively engaged residents.

Please review the links below for further information and feel free to contact us by email (info@allparksallianceforchange.org) or by phone (651-644-5525) for additional guidance on how to get involved.