Video - American Dream Under Fire: Mobile Home Park Residents Fight to Hold Ground

"Where am I going to go?" wonders Vanessa Ramirez, a hard working mother who lives in a mobile home park facing closure. Her community’s story is captured in a documentary that exposes the challenging future of one of America’s least understood affordable housing options, manufactured - or 'mobile' - home parks.

About the Film

With help from APAC, 'American Dream Under Fire' is a co-production of Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) and Northwest Area Foundation. Released in 2006, this documentary explores the urgent issue of preserving manufactured home park communities in the face of skyrocketing land values and development pressures. The program follows the fight to save a manufactured park community located in a Minneapolis suburb. Other stories, challenges, and solutions are woven into this eye-opening documentary.

Will Vanessa Ramirez and her neighbors remain independent homeowners or have the land sold right from under their homes? Will they become subsidized renters or end up homeless? What options do residents, housing advocates, non-profits, and policy makers have to save these much needed communities? We encourage you to view this provocative documentary, which sheds light on this little known piece of the 'American Dream.'