2008 Lobby Day


The Capitol complex is north of I-94, just minutes from downtown St. Paul. It is accessible from the east and west on I-94, and from the north and south on I-35E.

  • I-94 eastbound: Exit at Marion Street. Turn left. Go to Aurora Avenue and turn right.
  • I-94 westbound: Exit at Marion Street. Turn right. Go to Aurora Avenue and turn right.
  • I-35E northbound: Exit at Kellogg Boulevard. Turn left. Go to John Ireland Boulevard and turn right.
  • I-35E southbound: Exit at University Avenue. Turn right. Go to Rice Street and turn left.


  • Metered parking is available in Lot Q, Lot AA, Lot F, Lot H, Lot K, Lot L, and on the orange level of the Centennial Office Building Ramp at Cedar Street and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. There are a few metered parking spots in front of the Capitol along Aurora Avenue. Meters: one quareter = 20 minutes.
  • Free on-street parking can be found in the residential areas surrounding the Capitol. Go North of University Avenue on Rice Street or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd toward Charles Avenue. Park on any of the residential streets in the area. The Capitol is 3-4 block from this free on-street parking.
  • Limited ramp parking is available at the Bethesda Hospitol parking ramp at 559 Capitol Blvd, just North of University Avenue. This is a pay-ramp; rates vary. The ramp is 2 blocks from the Capitol building.
  • Disability Parking can be found in Lot N and Lot F. The main disability entrance to the Capitol is on the northwest side of the building just off Lot N. There also are drop-off entrances on the south side under the front steps on the south

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