Join APAC's Committees and Board of Directors

All Parks Alliance for Change (APAC) is the statewide organization for Minnesota’s 180,000 manufactured home park residents. As the only organization in the state focused on manufactured housing, APAC is critical to providing an effective voice for manufactured home owners to express their needs and concerns in their parks and in the larger community. APAC works to improve the quality of life in park neighborhoods and protect the rights of park residents through:

  • Resident Education - APAC runs a toll-free tenant hotline, conducts educational workshops, and produces organizing guides and fact sheets.
  • Community Organizing - APAC works with residents on community organizing efforts to improve the quality of life in park neighborhoods, form resident associations, and protect the rights of park residents.
  • Community Preservation - APAC works with homeowners to preserve their communities through partnerships with nonprofit developers and resident-owned park cooperatives.
  • Public Policy - APAC promotes local and state policy change and serves as watchdog at the State Capitol.

APAC is led by manufactured home park residents who determine the focus and direction of the organization. APAC's board of directors is comprised entirely of residents, who set our goals, approve our budget, and oversee our staff. APAC also has a legislative committee, that oversees our work at the State Capitol, and organizing committees, that allow residents to coordinate their responses to issues in multiple parks and even with multiple park owners.

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