Promote Manufactured Housing (2018 Comp Plans)

APAC's Twin Cities 2018 Comprehensive Planning Project

APAC has launched a new project to engage with local planners and officials to improve their city’s comprehensive plans to support the wellbeing of manufactured housing residents.

Comprehensive plans are guiding documents that city councils use to describe their long-term goals for land-use and housing and to present these ideas to the public. Comprehensive plans are required to be updated in 2018 (and every ten years), which means that cities across the Metropolitan region are currently in the process of renewing and potentially changing the language they use to discuss manufactured housing.

Therefore, the 2018 comprehensive plan update presents an important opportunity for APAC and park residents to engage in shaping city policies regarding manufactured and affordable housing. This is an important chance for resident constituents to ask their city councils to add language to comprehensive plans in support of manufactured housing.

Comprehensive Plans are required describe the city’s strategic approach in the following areas:

- Land Use
- Transportation
- Water Resources
- Parks & Trails
- Housing
- Resilience
- Economic Competitiveness
- Implementation

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