In Park Home Sales

In park home sales are the subject that is the source of a whole host of hotline calls every year. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about in park home sales.

The park owner is insisting that I have to replace the siding on my home before I can sell it. Can they do that?

According the Minn. Stat. 327C.07 the park owner may not require you to do anything to your home beyond what is included in your park rules. In other words, if the rules require that the home be in good condition they can require that you comply before the sale. However, they cannot require you to go beyond the bounds of what is in the rules.

The park owner is telling prospective buyers that they will have to replace the siding. Can they do that?

Once again, you should make certain that the home is in compliance with the current rules. The park owner can then require the new residents to comply with different rules, but the rules cannot be such that it would increase the difficulty of selling the home or decrease the price that you can get for the home.

I know someone who wants to buy my home, but he is afraid that the park will not accept him. What can he do to make certain that he is not throwing away his application fee?

The park is required to have a written set of criteria that is available to both sellers of homes and prospective purchasers. The criteria must be reasonable and must be applied equally to everyone.

My friend applied to live in the park three weeks ago and she still has not received an answer. What does this mean?

According to the law, the park must respond to the completed application with 14 days. The park owner must either provide a decision or give written explanation of why there is a delay and make the decision as soon as possible after words. If the park does not provide a decision of explanation, the park may not deny the prospective buyer as a resident.