Twin Cities Transit Project

APAC has launched a new project to engage with local planners and officials to improve their city’s transportation options to support the wellbeing of manufactured housing residents. Our particular focus is on the new light rail and bus rapid transit lines that are currently under development.

Transportation is very expensive for many families, particularly those who own a personal vehicle. Access to affordable and reliable public transportation is crucial to providing opportunities to everyone in the Metropolitan region. Currently there are two light rail lines (the Green and Blue Lines) operating in the Twin Cities. In addition, there are three bus rapid transit lines (the Red Line, A Line, and C Line).

Projects in various stages of planning and construction include:

o Blue Line extension
o Green Line extension (Southwest Corridor Project)
o Orange Line
o Gold Line
o Rush Line
o Riverview Line
o B Line
o D Line
o E Line

The expansion of the Metro transportation system presents an important opportunity for APAC and park residents to engage in shaping city policies regarding manufactured and affordable housing. This is an important chance for resident to get involved in the planning process and advocate for the importance of equitable transportation opportunities.

Public transportation is important for residents of manufactured home communities to access:

- Education
- Employment
- Grocery stores
- Entertainment
- Social and Professional connections

General information on upcoming transit lines can be found at: