All Parks Alliance for Change is the statewide organization for Minnesota’s 180,000 manufactured home park residents. APAC provides a vehicle for manufactured home owners to express their needs and concerns in their parks and in the larger community. Through education, grassroots organizing and leadership development, APAC works with residents to improve the quality of life in park neighborhoods, protect the rights of park residents, advance public policy change that supports safe, affordable, and stable park communities, and preserve this vital source of affordable housing.


Stand Up for Your Family, Home and Community!

Recent APAC News:

APAC's 2021 Annual Meeting

10/16/2021 - 10:00am
10/16/2021 - 12:00pm


NATIONAL CHAINS ARE BUYING PARKS – in the last 5 years, 18% of park lots changed hands and out-of-state companies bought 55%, last year it was 70%.
LOT RENTS ARE SKYROCKETING – national chains set all 10 of the highest lot rents in the Twin Cities.
RESIDENTS ARE FACING MASS EVICTION – with eviction moratoriums and unemployment benefits ending, thousands of residents now face eviction.

Attend: APAC’s 2021 “Virtual” Annual Meeting

Resident Meeting - Havenpark Communities

06/10/2021 - 6:30pm
06/10/2021 - 8:00pm


Thursday, June 10, 2021
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

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Manufactured Home Park Handbook

APAC Eviction Rights Forums

Do you have questions about manufactured home park evictions in Minnesota?

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, August 13 that will discuss the current eviction moratoriums, the eviction process, legal assistance for individuals facing evictions and more!

We are offering two different times to attend this webinar! You have the option of joining either by logging in online or calling in by phone. To attend a session, click on the time that works for you to fill out the brief registration and get information on how to join:

Transit Corridors Under Development

The transit system is rapidly expanding and now includes both light rail and bus rapid transit. Currently operating are the A Line, C Line, Blue Line, Green Line, Red Line, and Northstar commuter rail.

Projects in Engineering or Construction

Riverview Corridor – A 12-mile modern streetcar transit connecting downtown St. Paul to the south loop district in Bloomington. The line will share tracks with the Green Line in St. Paul and link to the Blue Line near Fort Snelling and continuing through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Bloomington’s South Loop, and the Mall of America. The project is currently in the environmental analysis phase which will continue through 2022.

Ways to Become Involved in Transportation Planning

Transportation is vital to insuring access to opportunities for all manufactured home residents. With continued improvements in the transportation network in the metro area, now is the time to act. We recommend that park residents and stakeholders band together to engage in the Bus Rapid Transit projects that are currently being planned in the region. This webpage can be used as an initial resource to help residents get started with their involvement with this process.

Easy ways to get engaged:

  • Review the plans for a transit project near you (see upcoming projects on Metro Transit’s website, or visit APAC’s list of Transit Corridors Under Development).

Links to Organizing and Transportation Decision-making Resources

Link to APAC Community Organizing Manual

Council on Environmental Quality, Executive Office of The President - A Citizen’s Guide to the NEPA: Having Your Voice Heard

Minnesota Environmental Quality Board - A Citizen’s Guide: Community Decision-Making Basics's%20Guide-ER%20and%20LGUs.pdf

Public Involvement Techniques for Transportation Decision Making

APAC Report: Resident Opinions on the Rush Line Corridor

Twin Cities Transit Project

APAC has launched a new project to engage with local planners and officials to improve their city’s transportation options to support the wellbeing of manufactured housing residents. Our particular focus is on the new light rail and bus rapid transit lines that are currently under development.

Transportation is very expensive for many families, particularly those who own a personal vehicle. Access to affordable and reliable public transportation is crucial to providing opportunities to everyone in the Metropolitan region. Currently there are two light rail lines (the Green and Blue Lines) operating in the Twin Cities. In addition, there are three bus rapid transit lines (the Red Line, A Line, and C Line).

Projects in various stages of planning and construction include:

APAC's Legislative Alerts!

Contact the Governor and Your Legislators today
to protect Manufactured Home Owners!

COVID-19 Update: Changes in APAC's Services and Activities

COVID-19 Update: Changes in APAC's Services and Activities

APAC's board and staff want to share with members and supporters steps the organization is taking as precautions against the further spread of COVID-19, specifically:

  • Work Site: We will practice “social distancing” by having staff use telecommuting and work off-site, which is a practice allowed for in our Employee Handbook. We will limit meetings and events to those we can by voice or video conferencing.
  • Time Frame: We are extending this plan through April 30. By May 1, we will re-evaluate whether to extend, modify, or discontinue this plan.
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