Manufactured Housing Recommendations to City Planners and City Councils

APAC recommends the following best practices:

1. Use manufactured housing to address affordability without new large-scale multifamily construction.

2. Change ordinances to allow manufactured homes to be sited in residential districts outside existing parks.

3. Improve your City’s level of affordable housing by reducing loan barriers to move residents into currently vacant manufactured housing units.

4. Generate funding opportunities for repair and maintenance, and set standards for infrastructure in manufactured housing parks.

5. Encourage resident purchase of communities through local tax incentives and first refusal rights.

6. Promote manufactured housing within your comprehensive plan and other city outlets as a primary unsubsidized affordable home-ownership option for low-income working residents.

7. Actively reduce stigma against manufactured housing.

For more detailed descriptions of these points, please review our advocacy letters tailored to particular cities below.