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If you are a Shakopee Manufactured Housing Resident and would like to get involved, please email or call APAC at 855-361-2722.

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St. Anthony's Comprehensive Plan Language Regarding Manufactured Housing:

“The northern part of the study area is developed with a lumber yard and a used auto facility. Land uses west of CR 69 include industrial development and a manufactured housing park” (3-8). “In looking at these land use features, an issue that must be addressed in the future is the existence of two manufactured housing parks. The larger manufactured housing park sits west of TH 169 in an area that is primarily designated for future industrial growth. As an interim use, it is anticipated that this manufactured housing park will continue to exist; however, long range plans should anticipate its future redevelopment and the relocation. A smaller manufactured housing park exists east of TH 169. This area is also identified for either commercial or industrial land use. Again, the manufactured housing park is likely to remain as a long term interim use until such time as redevelopment is possible. However, the ultimate plans for this district suggest that this manufactured housing neighborhood is not an appropriate or compatible use with the more intense commercial and industrial land uses that are proposed” (3-10). “In looking at the proposed commercial areas, the City should focus on land uses that will complement the existing in-place commercial businesses. Two areas of specific concern in this vicinity is the existing manufactured housing park (Valley Haven) located north of First Avenue and immediately west of Dangerfield’s Restaurant and the automobile dealership south of First Avenue. The manufactured housing park is in a state of decline. The structures are showing deterioration and the grounds are not well maintained. The overall impact of the manufactured housing park’s existence is a negative impact on the surrounding commercial uses. The future relocation of the manufactured housing park will be essential for the future success of this commercial area” (Draft Section 3). “Examine opportunities for the relocation and redevelopment of the manufactured housing park located north of First Avenue and west of Dangerfield’s Restaurant” (3-24).“In addition, since future growth may occur in areas that are currently in adjacent Jackson Township, which is currently home to a number of manufactured housing parks (Bonnevista Terrace, Mobile Manor, and Jackson Heights), the City will, at the time of annexation, need to evaluate the role of housing in the overall housing mix for the City” (10-1). “Of the six potential corridors studied in the DEIS, five would impact existing manufactured housing parks on one or both sides of the Minnesota River. None of these parks are currently within the City of Shakopee. The easterly alignments would impact the largest number of homes in these parks. Given that funding for the new river crossing is not expected to be available for the next twenty (20) to thirty (30) years, the City (as well as Scott County) requested that MNDOT and the Metropolitan Council join with it and with the residents of these parks to identify strategies that would provide either minimize the impacts on these residents or provide them with like housing alternatives in the future.” (10-4).

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Michael Kerski
Director of Planning and Development
Phone: 952-233-9346

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