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If you are a New Brighton Manufactured Housing Resident and would like to get involved, please email or call APAC at 855-361-2722.

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New Brighton's Comprehensive Plan Language Regarding Manufactured Housing:

“Medium-Density Residential. Medium-density residential areas are intended to accommodate densities in the range of 6 to 12-units per acre including such housing types as attached and detached townhomes, rowhouses, two-family dwellings, manufactured housing and apartments. These are primarily infill areas where medium-density housing already exists and more can be anticipated. The intent will be to make these areas integral parts of the neighborhood rather than edges or buffers to it” (5-8). “On the other hand, New Brighton has a total of 362-manufactured home units, which comprise a total of 47-acres located in two manufactured home parks. The existing density for manufactured housing is 7.7 units per acre” (5-1). “Policies The City’s policies for places to live are to: 1. Maintain the current mix of single-family and multi-family housing over the next 20-years. 2. Integrate, wherever possible, places to live, work and shop particularly within the Old Highway 8 corridor. 3. Mix densities and housing types within the Old Highway 8 corridor in an effort to improve housing diversity. 4. Ensure that infill development (filling in areas surrounded by existing housing) is compatible in architectural character and scale with the adjacent housing. 5. Employ a scattered site approach to affordable and group housing rather than concentrating them in one or few locations. 6. Continue to actively enforce housing maintenance code requirements. 7. Create opportunities for reinvestment in the existing housing stock in cooperation with Ramsey County” (5-9). “Housing As demonstrated in the table below, nearly 64 percent of the housing stock within the City of New Brighton is single family residential, whether it be detached or attached housing. Multiple family residential housing (10+units) makes up 29.5 percent of the housing stock. The remainder includes manufactured housing at 3.6 percent, and townhomes (2-9 units at 3.1 percent.) Table 3 - 4 Housing Types Manufactured Housing Units 334 Percent 3.6%” (3-6). “New Brighton's housing stock is primarily single family residential (64 percent) and multiple residential (29.5 percent). The remainder includes manufactured housing (3.6 percent) and townhomes (3.1 percent)… New Brighton's labor force is predominately management, professional and related occupations (43.5 percent) and sales and office (29 percent). The median family income in New Brighton is above the median family income for communities in the region. New Brighton's median household income is also among the highest of these same communities. The percentages of low income (or below poverty) New Brighton households falls in the middle when compared to surrounding communities and lower than Ramsey County as a whole.” (3-26). “Mobile Homes acres 47 percent of total 1” (5-3). “Table 5 - 3 Comparison of Existing (2008) to Future (2030) Land Use: Mobile Homes 2008 Acres 47 % 1 2030 Acres NA % 0” (5-6). “Table 6 - 1 Housing Units by Type (2008) Mobile Home Park Total Units 364 Percent of Total 3.9% Percent Owner Occupied 80.8%.

City Community Engagement/Planner Contact Information

Janice Gundlach
Community Assets & Development, Leadership
Phone: (651) 638-2059

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