General Procedures for Creating and Amending Comprehensive Plans

Source: Chapter 14, pg. 4-6

  • Cities must submit their draft comprehensive plans to local governmental entities for review and comment
  • Cities must submit their comprehensive plans to Metropolitan Council for review of conflicts with regional systems plans
  • Cities must hold a public hearing before formal adoption of a comprehensive plan
  • City councils may adopt or amend comprehensive plans by a two-thirds vote, or simple majority if the issue at hand involves permits for affordable housing
  • The requirements for amending or updating a comprehensive plan are the same as for creating one, including holding and providing notice of a public hearing
  • Cities must submit all amendments to Metropolitan Council
  • A planning commission may be created to oversee the comprehensive plan through an ordinance that clearly describes its duties and responsibilities
  • City councils can submit proposed amendments to the planning commission, and cannot formally ratify new language until they receive a report on the submission from the planning commission, or until sixty days have elapsed
  • The final say on what is approved rests with the city council, not the planning commission, which serves in a strictly advisory role