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If you are a Fridley Manufactured Housing Resident and would like to get involved, please email or call APAC at 1-855-361-2722.

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Plymouth's Comprehensive Plan Language Regarding Manufactured Housing

“Mobile Home Units, 397, Percentage of Total 3.42” (5-46). “The 2007 housing condition survey shows that 85% of Fridley residential properties rank as being in excellent condition. Only 11% were ranked in good condition, only 4% in fair condition, and less than 1% in poor condition. This ranking included all housing types except manufactured homes, which were not evaluated” (5-48). “Whereas in 1998, 69 percent of Fridley’s single family housing stock was valued under $100,000, less than eight percent is now, and this is including the values of 397 manufactured homes, which appear to have been omitted from the 1998 study. Further, in 1998, only two tenths of one percent of Fridley’s homes were valued over $250,000. Now, nearly 13 percent are valued that high” (5-49). “Assessors data for 1998 indicated a mean value of approximately $94,000 for all single-family homes that have been assigned a state tax code of homestead (1A), partial-homestead (.51A, .51AB, .51B), blind homestead (1B) and non-homestead single family homes (4BB). In 2006, the median home value for the same classifications was $209,116, not including manufactured homes. The mean value is $199,348 if manufactured homes are included, but for comparison purposes, the higher number should be used as 1998 data did not include manufactured homes. The average Fridley home sale price in 2006, according to the Minneapolis Association of Realtors, was $218,337.” (5-50). “There is a continued long-term (four decades) trend of a reduction in the percentage of owner-occupied housing. If we eliminate the inclusion of manufactured homes in Table 5.4, owner-occupied is really down to 63% and rental is up to 37%” (5-63). “The City of Fridley has one private water service within its limits, which serves a private mobile home park. It is anticipated that the City of Fridley will begin to provide service to these 365 customers between 2010 and 2020” (11-181). “R-4 District Allowed principal use includes: Mobile Home Park Districts” (14-215).

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Planning & Zoning
Main Number: 763-572-3592
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Scott Hickok
Community Development Director
Ph: 763-572-3590

Julie Jones
Planning Manager
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