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If you are a Lakeville Manufactured Housing Resident and would like to get involved, please email or call APAC at 855-361-2722.

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Lakeville's Comprehensive Plan Language Regarding Manufactured Housing

“Manufactured housing is also allowed as a conditional use within residential zoning districts allowing multiple family dwelling units as required by State Statute subject to specific minimum lot requirements and setbacks. Ardmore, Country View and North Creek manufactured home parks are all properly zoned RSMH, Residential Single Family – Mobile Home Park District. Ardmore and Country View are fully developed whereas North Creek has additional vacant land for future expansion. Future expansion of North Creek and continued operation of Ardmore and Country View manufactured home parks is guided by the 2030 Land Use Plan to continue and will be regulated by the RSMH District. The Queen Anne and Connelly manufactured home parks located along the I-35 corridor exist as legal non-conforming land uses with regard to both use and design. The location of these two manufactured home parks within one of Lakeville’s primary commercial nodes at I-35 and CSAH 50 creates potential land use compatibility issues, while the individual layouts of each site create public health safety concerns with regards to emergency access. The 2030 Land Use Plan continues to guide both the Queen Anne and Connelly parks for future redevelopment as office park and commercial land uses respectively. As non-conforming uses, these manufactured home parks can continue to exist at the same size as they exist today, but no expansion will be permitted. Furthermore, a proposal to redevelop the Queen Anne or Connelly mobile home parks in the future with uses consistent with the 2030 Land Use Plan would be anticipated to be a privately initiated effort and not a the result of direct action by the City of Lakeville” (97). “City of Lakeville 2008 Existing Land Use Manufactured Housing Acres 252.41 Percent 1.0% … Man. Housing 997 252 6 0 0 0 246 4.1” (78). “Manufactured housing 977 5.2%” (91). “Promoting continued maintenance of existing single family dwellings, townhouses, multiple family units and manufactured housing aids in meeting Lakeville’s affordable housing goals” (92). “Land Use Manufactured Home Park Density 4.0 to 7.0 du/ac. Allowed uses Manufactured home dwelling units” (95). “There are five manufactured home parks in different areas of Lakeville. Manufactured housing is an important component of the community’s housing supply with respect to affordability. The Zoning Ordinance was updated in 1994 and 2000 to address regulations for the various developments in relation to State Building Code definitions and nomenclature, design standards regarding individual lot size and structure setbacks to allow for larger house styles, establishment of accessory building, outdoor storage and fence regulations and design standards for utility connections, internal driveway design, guest parking, and landscaping. ” (97). “2030 Land Use: Manufactured Homes 197.29 0.8% 197.29 0.8% 197.29 0.8% 197.29 0.8% (105)” “Connelly Manufactured Home Park exists as a non-conforming use and the 2030 Land Use Plan anticipates its future redevelopment for commercial uses … Queen Anne Manufactured Home Park is planned for future redevelopment as an Office Park land use based on proximity and access to I-35 at CSAH 50.” (109). “Continued development of the North Creek Manufactured Home Park shall occur in a manner consistent with the performance standards established by the Zoning Ordinance” (159). “RSMH, Single Family Manufactured Home Park District. The RSMH District is a separate district with performance standards for manufactured home parks. Allowed uses include single family dwellings and manufactured home parks. The density allowed in the RSMH District is less than six dwelling units per acre. The minimum lot requirements of the RS-4 District apply to all single family development. For manufactured home parks established after January 1, 1995, the minimum park area is five acres. Individual home sites within the park must have a minimum width of 65 feet and minimum depth of 120 feet” (174).

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Daryl Morey
Planning Director

20195 Holyoke Avenue
Lakeville, MN 55044

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