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Community Liaison Contact Information

If you are a Maplewood Manufactured Housing Resident and would like to get involved, please email or call APAC at 855-361-2722.

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Maplewood's Comprehensive Plan Language Regarding Manufactured Housing:

“Communities must plan to accommodate lifecycle and affordable housing. Lifecycle housing refers to the mix of housing types that meet the housing demands of individuals and families throughout their lives, such as single family detached, townhomes, condominiums, manufactured housing, apartments, and senior housing” (1-4). “Table 4.1 Housing Units by Type, 2000 Manufactured Housing 783 5.6%. Multi-family housing consists of 33.1 percent of the City’s housing stock and manufactured housing consists of 5.6 percent. ” (4-3). “There is a diversity of styles and price ranges in the homes in Maplewood. Older homes on smaller lots provide opportunities for first-time buyers in the Western Hills, Parkside and Gladstone neighborhoods. Opportunities for low- and moderate- income households are available in manufactured home parks and in a variety of types and locations of multiple dwellings. The move-up housing market is strong with these choices available throughout the City. Buyers can find more expensive housing in the Hillside, Vista Hills, Highwood and Kohlman Lake neighborhoods.”(4-4). “Medium Density Residential (6.1 – 10.0 units per net acre) The City intends the Medium Density Residential land use for moderately higher densities ranging from 6.1 to 10.0 units per net acre. Housing types in this land use category would typically include lower density attached housing, manufactured housing and higher density single family detached housing units.” (5-15).

City Community Engagement/Planner Contact Information

Name: Michael Martin, AICP
Title: Economic Development Coordinator
Phone: (651) 249-2303

Links to Maplewood's Comprehensive Plan Draft

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