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If you are a Mounds View Manufactured Housing Resident and would like to get involved, please email or call APAC at 855-361-2722.

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Mounds View's Comprehensive Plan Language Regarding Manufactured Housing

“MHP: Mobile/Manufactured Home Park: Land under single ownership that has been planned and improved for the placement of mobile/manufactured housing for dwelling purposes; or land that has been planned, improved and subdivided for the placement of mobile/manufactured housing for dwelling purposes” (3-19). “TABLE 2 Large [water] Volume Users - List the top 10 largest users; Customer, Gallons per year, % of total annual use; Towns Edge Terrace Mobile Home Park 17.61 3.5% Mounds View Mobile Home Park 10.64 2.1% Colonial Village Mobile Home Park 9.60 1.9%” (3). “In addition, the City should consider the current Townsedge Terrace Manufactured Home Park and the adjacent Skyline Motel site along Old Highway 8 as possible sites for future industrial expansion.” (3-25). “Manufactured Homes (MH) Housing Units Per Acre: Min 1.0 Max 8.8 2000 71.5 2010 71.5 2015 71.5 2020 71.5 2025 71.5 2030 37.2 Change -34.3” (3-27). “TABLE 12: Total Number and Percent of Dwelling Units by Type. Manufactured Homes Homestead 508 Non-homestead 77 Total 585 Percentage11%” (4-7). “There are 5,267 dwelling units in Mounds View, with 1,601 units being rental housing (2008). The majority of Mounds View’s housing stock is owner-occupied single-family dwellings (52%). Apartments make up 29% of the housing stock. Manufactured homes comprise 11% of the total dwelling units, which exceeds the overall Ramsey County percentage of 3%. Overall, 70% of the housing in Mounds View is owner-occupied while 30% is rental” (4-7). “Redevelopment possibilities include manufactured home parks and single-family lots adjacent to commercial and high-density residential properties. Project costs, land assembly, infrastructure needs, financing and other factors can complicate redevelopment projects.” (4-16). “Mounds View Manufactured Housing Program offers loans” (4-23). “R-5, Manufactured Home: The purpose of this district is to provide for the planned regulation of manufactured homes. Such homes are grouped together due to their particular space requirements, construction and style” (9-10).

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Jon Sevald, Planner

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Not available as of January 25, 2019.

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