Plymouth Comprehensive Plan Resource Page

Community Liaison Contact Information

If you are a Plymouth Manufactured Housing Resident and would like to get involved, please email or call APAC at 855-361-2722.

Link to City’s Planning Website

Plymouth's Comprehensive Plan Language Regarding Manufactured Housing:

“As of January 2007, detached homes, including single family, mobile homes, farmhouses and seasonal homes, represented 54 percent of the housing stock” (Appendix 4A -4). “TABLE 4A-4 2007 HOUSING STOCK Mobile Homes 59 0.2%” (Apdx 4A-5).

City Community Engagement/Planner Contact Information

Barbara Thomson, Planning Manager

Planning Division
Plymouth City Hall
3400 Plymouth Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55447-1482
P 763-509-5450
F 763-509-5407

Links to Plymouth's Comprehensive Plan Draft

APAC Advocacy Letter to Plymouth MN - 1 11 2017.pdf411.27 KB
CP Draft Follow Up Letter - Plymouth - October 5, 2018.pdf171.42 KB