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If you are a Dayton Manufactured Housing Resident and would like to get involved, please email or call APAC at 855-361-2722.

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Dayton's Comprehensive Plan Language Regarding Manufactured Housing:

"CURRENT HOUSING As of 2007, Dayton had 1,768 single-family homes and 243 manufactured homes, for a total of 2,011 units. This total is much less then the City’s neighbors due to the fact the City will not have urban services (municipal water and sewer) until 2008, with the exception of areas north of Diamond Lake (served by Rogers) and portions of the Historic Village in northwest Dayton (served by Otsego). Metropolitan interceptors are now in place and Dayton has adopted a Sanitary Sewer Phasing Plan that will ultimately bring municipal services to all of Dayton. Table 3.1 – Year Built illustrates the City’s housing unit growth dating from pre-1939 to the year 2000. This data is from the 2000 Census which excludes the more recent construction years. As a result, the table total is different from the City’s total housing units of 2,011 (including mobile homes). The table demonstrates the relative slow pace at which Dayton has developed during the years prior to municipal services" (3-2). "MANUFACTURED HOMES Dayton contains one manufactured home park (Dayton Park Properties) located at the southwestern portion of the City just north of CSAH 81. This property contains 243 homes. As with other parks in the metropolitan area, this manufactured home community serves a vital demand for affordable housing. Residents typically own their home but not the land. Units are more affordable than smaller single-family homes or townhomes where land is a portion of the housing cost. Currently, Dayton Park operates on an aging community septic system. Due to the system’s age and the possibility of failure, it is anticipated that water and sewer will be expanded to the park in the near future" (3-3). "Rural Residential: Residential purposes including mostly one-family homes and manufactured homes may include some two-family homes and land used for agricultural purposes. Single Family Residential: Residential purposes including mostly one-family homes and manufactured homes. May include some two-family homes and open space within or adjacent to or related to a residential development. Mobile Home Park: This area consists of manufactured homes within Dayton." (4-5) "RESIDENTIAL LAND USE CATEGORIES Currently Dayton’s residential land use consists of single-family residential, multi-family residential, mobile home park, and rural residential uses. These land uses currently account for approximately 18% of the City’s total net area. However, this figure is misleading as density in rural residential areas is very low. Therefore, this land use category accounts for a significant area of the community but relatively few housing units" (4-17).

City Community Engagement/Planner Contact Information

Tina Goodroad
City Administrator/Planning Director
Phone: 763-421-3487

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